DJ Beck interviews Harry Reid who played Ben Mitchell in EastEnders. We talk about what it was like working with Steve McFadden and Jamie Borthwick for 4 years. We also talk about Bens storyline with Paul who is played by Jonny Labey.

Bill Duke has been in many big movies and worked with names such as Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and 50 Cent. We discuss how he got into acting and how he enjoyed working with other great actors we discuss his work in the movie called car wash and Get Rich Die Trying. We also discussed some of his new book releases such as My 40 year career on screen and behind the camera.

Kevin Lyttle produced a massive hit called Turn Me On and has his latest track Close To You

DJ Beck interviews Nomad aka David Cooley from Black ops 4, David has been working on several voices for the new Spiderman. David was also involved with Local Population voices for Grand Theft Auto 5.

DJ Beck interviews Shane Withington who has been playing John Palmer now for 10 years we discuss how much time he spends acting in the series and how far in advance Home And Away record the TV Show. Shane has also acted in many other movies and tv shows such as Out Of The Blue, Rain Shadow and many more for some personal info life He is married to Anne Tenney, who played his character’s wife Molly Jones on A Country Practice.

Catch up on another big interview as i ask Alan Fletcher aka DR Karl Kennedy from Neighbours some questions about his acting career since 1994. we also talk about his band he manages called The Waiting Room

DJ Beck interviews Gemma Pranita who played Jade Mitchell in Neighbours – Gemma got offered the act to play Sonya’s sister who is married to Jarrod Rebecchi aka Ryan Moloney, Gemma has been in 243 episodes of Neighbours. Gemma is currently working on her photography career

Ben Hall is the actor who plays Ned Willis in Neighbours

DJ Beck interviews Sharon Johal who acts as Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours that shows Mon-Fri on Channel 5. Sharon Johal talks about how she got her break into Neighbours and how she became an actor while working alongside as a Lawyer. She also mentions how fun it is to work with the other cast members.